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Be Careful What You Eat After Teeth-Whitening

Be Careful What You Eat After Teeth-Whitening

After you have used a whitening kit or had cosmetic bleaching, there are certain foods that you will want to avoid and others that will help keep your teeth nice and white.

Dr. Raymond Garrison, chairman and professor of Wake Forest Baptist Department of Dentistry, said “For many individuals who have had good results with either dentist-directed or over-the-counter whitening techniques, a significant concern is how to keep the teeth white after bleaching. We now know that there are foods that actually help to keep your teeth white rather than stain them. In fact, it may help patients avoid the time and expense of whitening re-treatment.”

Dr. Garrison said that some of the foods that actually help keep your teeth white are vegetables and firm fruits like cauliflower, carrots, celery, green beans, and apples. These foods help scrub your teeth while chewing. They also help promote the flow of saliva, which protects teeth and neutralizes acids.

The consumption of food and other products that stain your teeth should be limited or avoided. Some of these products include tobacco, red and white wine, soft drinks, soy sauce, and blueberries.

Although bleaching is an effective means of whitening teeth, it can cause tooth sensitivity for a short while. There are also many whitening treatments which lead to permanent damage, like erosion of the tooth enamel.

Garrison advises that before you consider any of the teeth whitening or bleaching kits, you should talk with a dentist and understand the dangers.


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