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Dental Extractions


Our dentists can perform tooth removal at our Springfield office.

These days, so many restoration options are available that extracting a tooth isn’t as necessary as it once was. However, in some cases extraction is the best option. If your tooth has severe decay that might damage neighboring teeth, is loose from periodontal disease, or is damaged from trauma, you may benefit from extraction.

After the tooth is extracted, there are options to replace it so that your other teeth don’t shift and affect your bite or create other problems later on. Dental implants or bridges can be a great solution in this case.

For the first several days after an extraction is performed, rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water. If you see swelling in the area, put a cold cloth or ice bag. It is best to call us right away if you have swelling. It is fine to brush and floss your other teeth normally, but don't brush the tooth next to the whole left by the extracted tooth.


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